Photos can be an invaluable tool in administering and understanding and resolving issues on projects. Photos provide an accurate record of what was happening or conditions present on a site at any point in time. Generally to enable the use of photos to review progress at any point in time the photo would have to be labelled with an accurate description of where it was taken and the angle of view. Photos would then need to be emailed or burnt onto a CD for use by others including clients and then require parties to have some sort of storage system if the images were to be recalled for future review.

To provide the best possible service to our clients BMCA has spent a number of years developing and refining a  tool that provides use of project site images through a simple and easy to use web based interface  (pictured below).

The BMCA photo record tool displays photos grouped by date for each project positioned accurately through use of GPS camera units with a satellite image or alternatively a map or streetview as the background. When a photo icon is selected the image, time taken, and angle of view is displayed . Clicking on the image then provides the full size image (generally 300-500kb) and allows for download for use of images in reports or for local storage.

Regular photo runs of sites to allow use of the tool by clients is generally part of our standard service of providing superintendence or construction surveillance only services for a project. Images are generally stored on the website and the tool is available for use for a year after completion of the project or longer if required.

Taking photo runs of sites for use of the tool to record progress can be negotiated for any project, even if BMCA is not providing superintendence services.

For more information on how the BMCA photo record tool may be used on your project please contact us.