In July 2014, BMCA was awarded the lump sum contract for the site superintendence and surveillance of three subdivision packages in the new Moncrieff East Residential Estate. The $60 million works have commenced and all three packages are now under construction.

With three contracts running concurrently, BMCA have implemented a number of processes to ensure the works run smoothly. A key BMCA initiative was to implement partnering, risk assessment and design review workshops with all of the contractors and the principal.Moncrieff development site with BMCA staff, ACT, 19 November, 2014

The partnering workshops initially set project goals and produce a partnering charter to control and influence cooperative task management. The project goals and the effectiveness of the charter are reviewed every six weeks to maintain timely and cooperative partnering whilst providing a forum to share the viewpoint of each stakeholder.

Risk assessment workshops utilise all stakeholder’s experience to identify key project risks and effective mitigation measures. Identified risks for each package are reviewed fortnightly and the mitigation measures updated by collective agreement of the stakeholders.

Design review workshops were also held with the designer, Indesco, which was based upon requests for information from both the primary contractor and BMCA. These workshops have been a key tool for preventing design delays.

These BMCA initiatives will be an important step to ensure the on-time completion of the entire works, allowing stakeholders to express their viewpoints and enable the fast-tracking of solutions of design issues.