Googong is a new self-contained township of approximately 5,500 homes situated south of Queanbeyan. In July 2014, BMCA were selected to lead a team representing the Principal, Googong Township P/L in design and construct contract for the construction of Stages A and B of the new Water Recycling Plant. BMCA is providing contract administration and site surveillance personnel to deliver the project as part of the Principal’s team.

The $25 million stand alone wastewater treatment facility is capable of providing recycled water to the surrounding community through a dedicated reticulation network. This recycled water will be distributed throughout the Googong Township for unrestricted non potable reuse.

The Water Recycling Plant uses a 5 stage biological treatment process to reduce potable water wastage through re-use of treated water for such uses as toilet flushing and irrigation.

The facility will be handed over to Queanbeyan City Council after completion and part of BMCA’s role is to liaise and provide construction records for QCC.

Stages A and B will provide a facility to service approximately 3,600 people with a construction period of around 1 year. The project is the first phase of and represents a key element of the larger Integrated water cycle network for Googong to service approximately 19,000 people.