Photo Record Tool


BMCA have developed a unique Photo Record Tool providing significant advantages for Project Visual Recording for future targeted image referencing. This enables virtual site visits from a desktop or anywhere with an internet connection and the potential to resolve issues in real time without the need to visit site . The tool provides for storage, reference and use of metadata enhanced photos including GPS coordinates, date of image, angle of view, comments and tagging of images to allow for filtering. This metadata can be used through the search function to display photos of particular interest based on their location, date range and tag. Photos are arranged on an aerial image of the site and may be superimposed to check relative progress or conditions present at different times.




Enables geotagged, time stamped photographs with comments to be overlaid on aerial images and plan drawing overlays


Historical Records – Records site progress over the project life


Accessible – Data base available to project stakeholders via web browser. No special software required.


Virtual Site Visits – Plan, monitor progress and resolve issues remotely with photos uploaded for viewing from site in real time


Proven – Intuitive, easy-to-use interface developed over many years following use on over 40 BMCA and other projects.


Searchable – search functions permit filtering of images by date, location and tag. There are 10 user definable tags available to enable targeted filtering to suit specific project requirements.


Plan Overlays – The location of photos relative to the proposed works may easily be determined through including selected plans for overlay on the aerial photo. A number of different plan overlays may be included depending on the works.

Comments on images – Images may include comments to provide additional information on the image contents at the time of capture for future reference and potential filtering.


How it Works


Follow the animation below to learn how the Photo Record Tool works, then go to the practice site. The following link Using the Photo Record Tool provides additional information.

After project commencement, BMCA sets up the Photo Record Tool Website Project User interface

Different plan overlays may be added to show proposed works

Site photos are uploaded throughout the Project and stored as 'Photo Runs'

After uploading, users can select images within Photo Runs....... reveal image & meta data

A filter function enables searching by date, location and tag

A time scale enables identification or selection of photos at any time relative to project period